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Mark   Year
Moore Madeline    
      The Short Season Between Two Silences : The Mystical And The Political In The Novels Of Virginia Woo /Madeline Moore. Book Stacks; PR6045. O72 Z822 1984   1984
Moore Maggie  
      American Splendor /[Videorecording] / HBO Films In Association With Fine Line Features Presents A Good Machine Productio Main Desk; DVD 720   2004
      Supporting Readers : School And Classroom Strategies /Maggie Moore And Barrie Wade. Book Stacks; LB1573.33 .M66 1995   1995
Moore Mandy 1984    
      Tangled (Motion Picture). /Spanish & English. Main Desk; DVD 4541   2011
Moore Manfredo A    
      President Trujillo, His Work And The Dominican Republic, /by Lawrence De Besault; An Account Of The Career Of Generalissimo Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina, Pr Book Stacks; F1931.T74 B4 1941   1941
Moore Marc    
      Spatial Statistics : Methodological Aspects And Applications /Marc Moore (Editor). Book Stacks; QA278.2 .S64 2001   c2001
Moore Margaret    
      Foundations Of Liberalism /Margaret Moore. Book Stacks; JC571 .M775 1993   1993
Moore Margaret 1958    
      Bernard Shaw On Photography /edited With An Introduction By Bill Jay And Margaret Moore ; Foreword By Michael Holroyd. Special Collections; TR183 .S42 1989   c1989
Moore Margaret A    
      Multicultural Literacy : Mirroring The Reality Of The Classroom /Barbara J. Diamond, Margaret A. Moore. Book Stacks; LC1099.3 .D53 1995   c1995
Moore Margaret B 1925    
      The Salem World Of Nathaniel Hawthorne /Margaret B. Moore. Book Stacks; PS1884 .M66 1998   c1998
Moore Margaret E    
      Understanding British English : Bridging The Gap Between The English Language And Its American Count /Margaret E. Moore. Book Stacks; PE1704 .M6 1997   c1997
Moore Margaret May  
      Fort Valley Experimental Forest--A Century Of Research 1908-2008 : Conference Proceedings : August 7 /technical Coordinators Susan D. Olberding, Margaret M. Moore. U.S. Documents; A 13.151/5: RMRS-P-55   2008
      Postsettlement Changes In Natural Fire Regimes And Forest Structure : Ecological Restoration Of Old- /W.W. Covington, M.M. Moore. Special Collections; SD397.P6115 C685 1994   c1994
Moore Margaret Ph D  
      The Ethics Of Nationalism /Margaret Moore. Book Stacks; JC311 .M586 2001   2001
      The Ethics Of Nationalism /[Electronic Resource] / Margaret Moore. Internet; JC311 .M586 2001eb   2001
      National Self-Determination And Secession /edited By Margaret Moore. Book Stacks; KZ4024 .N38 1998   1998
Moore Margaret Pianist    
      Music Of Aaron & Jacob Avshalomov /[Electronic Resource]. Internet; M1010 .A973 2007   2007
Moore Marianne 1887 1972  
      Active Anthology, /edited By Ezra Pound. Book Stacks; PS614 .P78 1933   1933
      Collected Poems. Book Stacks; PS3525.O5616 A17 1951   1951
      The Complete Poems Of Marianne Moore /Marianne Moore. Book Stacks; PS3525.O5616 A17 1981   1981
      The Complete Poems Of Marianne Moore. Book Stacks; PS3525.O5616 A17 1967   1967
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  Moore Marianne Craig 1887 1972 -- See Moore, Marianne, 1887-1972.  
Moore Marijo  
      Birthed From Scorched Hearts Women Respond To War /[Electronic Resource] : Compiled And Edited By MariJo Moore. Internet; HQ1233 .B57 2008eb   2008
      Eating Fire, Tasting Blood : Breaking The Great Silence Of The American Indian Holocaust /edited And With An Introduction By MariJo Moore. Book Stacks; E91 .E18 2006   c2006
      Genocide Of The Mind : New Native American Writing /edited By MariJo Moore ; Foreword By Vine Deloria, Jr. Book Stacks; E98.E85 G46 2003   c2003
Moore Marilyn    
      Individualism : A Reader /edited By George H. Smith And Marilyn Moore ; With An Introduction By George H. Smith. Internet; B824 .I525 2015eb   2015
  Moore Mark H Mark Harrison -- See Moore, Mark Harrison.  
Moore Mark Harrison  
      Alcohol And Public Policy Beyond The Shadow Of Prohibition /[Electronic Resource] : Panel On Alternative Policies Affecting The Prevention Of Alcohol Abuse And A Internet; HV5292 .B49 1981eb   1981
      Corporate Strategies For Policing /by Mark H. Moore And Robert C. Trojanowicz. U.S. Documents; J 28.27:6   1988
      Creating Public Value : Strategic Management In Government /Mark H. Moore. Book Stacks; JF1525.E8 M66 1995   1995
      Crime And Policing /by Mark H. Moore, Robert C. Trojanowicz, And George L. Kelling. U.S. Documents; J 28.27:2   1988
12 additional entries  
Moore Marsha L    
      The Ku Klux Klan : A Bibliography /compiled By Lenwood G. Davis And Janet L. Sims-Wood, With The Assistance Of Marsha L. Moore ; Forewor Book Stacks; E668 .D24   1984
Moore Martin Dale    
      Recreation Specialization As An Alternative To Sustained Yield Management And The Recreation Opportu /by Martin Dale Moore. Book Stacks, Special Coll. Arch ; GV191.66 .M667 1999   1999
Moore Marvelene C    
      Multicultural Music Education : An Analysis Of Afro-American And Native American Folk Songs In Selec /by Marvelene Clarisa Moore. Book Stacks; MT3.U5 M667 1977a   1977
Moore Mary    
      Acid Related Diseases : Biology And Treatment /Irvin M. Modlin, George Sachs ; Managing Editors, Jennifer Kullgren, Mary Moore, And Jennifer Jett. Internet; RC821 .M63 2004eb   2004
Moore Mary Ann Dohn    
      Principles Of Land And Resource Management Planning /by Donald A. Jameson, Mary Ann Dohn Moore, Pamela J. Case. U.S. Documents; A 13.2:R 31   1982
Moore Mary B    
      Studies In Classical Art And Archaeology : A Tribute To Peter Heinrich Von Blanckenhagen /edited By Gunter Kopcke And Mary B. Moore. Book Stacks; N5613 .S88   1979
Moore Mary B 1945    
      Desiring Voices : Women Sonneteers And Petrarchism /Mary B. Moore. Book Stacks; PN1514 .M58 2000   c2000
Moore Mary Elizabeth 1945    
      Teaching From The Heart : Theology And Educational Method /Mary Elizabeth Mullino Moore. Book Stacks; BT83.6 .M66 1991   c1991
Moore Mary Jane    
      Barton Cummings On Tuba /[Sound Recording] Main Desk; C2535   1978
Moore Mary Lou  
      The Newborn And The Nurse. Book Stacks; RJ254 .M66   1972
      Newborn Family And Nurse /Mary Lou Moore ; With A Contribution By Karen G. Galloway. Book Stacks; RJ253 .M66 1981   1981
      Realities In Childbearing /Mary Lou Moore, With A Contribution By Ora Strickland. Book Stacks; RG951 .M66 1983   1983
  Moore Mary Lu -- See Van Camp, Mary L.  
Moore Mary Lucille    
      Decoration Designs : Turquoise And Pottery /by Frederick W. Hodge And Jesse Walter Fewkes ; With A Foreword By Mary Lu Moore. Book Stacks, Special Collections ; E78.N65 H6 1974   1974
Moore Mary T  
      More Time To Learn : Extended Time Strategies For Chapter 1 Students /Mary T. Moore, Janie Funkhouser ; [Prepared Under Contract By Decision Resources Corporation]. U.S. Documents; ED 1.2:L 47/2   1990
      Review Of Adult Education Programs And Their Effectiveness : A Background Paper For Reauthorization /authors Mary T. Moore, Michael Stavrianos ; Submitted To U.S. Department Of Education, Office Of The U.S. Documents; ED 1.2:AD 9/7   1995
Moore Mary Tyler 1936    
      Ordinary People (Motion Picture) Main Desk; DVD 4542   c2001
Moore Mary Tyler 1937    
      Ordinary People /[Videorecording] / A Wildwood Enterprises Production ; Screenplay By Alvin Sargent ; Produced By Rona Main Desk; VT 5612   c1988
Moore Mary Y    
      The Successful Library Trustee Handbook /[Electronic Resource] / Mary Y. Moore, In Consultation With Association For Library Trustees And Advo Internet; Z681.7.U5 M66 2005eb   2005
Moore Matthew E    
      Selections. /2010 Internet; QA8.4 .P45 2010eb   2010
Moore Matthew E 1958    
      New Essays On Peirce's Mathematical Philosophy /edited By Matthew E. Moore. Book Stacks; QA8.4 .N485 2010   c2010
Moore Matthew S 1958    
      For Hearing People Only : Answers To Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions About The Deaf Commun /by Matthew S. Moore And Linda Levitan ; With A Foreword By Harlan Lane. Book Stacks; HV2545 .M66 1993   1993
Moore Maureen  
      Experience Counselling /[Electronic Resource] / Presented By Maureen Moore Internet  2010
      Introducing Listening And Counselling Skills /[Electronic Resource] / Presented By Maureen Moore Internet  2008
      The Need To Belong /[Electronic Resource] / Presented By Maureen Moore Internet  2010
Moore Maurice 1735 1777    
      The Justice And Policy Of Taxing The American Colonies, In Great-Britain, Considered. Wherein Is She /[Microform] : By Maurice Moore, Esquire. Microforms; 643 10076   1765
Moore Maurice E    
      The Natural History Of A Delinquent Career /[By] Clifford R. Shaw In Collaberation With Maurice E. Moore. Book Stacks; HV9106.C4 S52 1968   1968
Moore Mavor 1919  
      Apology. Book Stacks; PR9199.3.M62 S5 1989   1989
      Argument. Book Stacks; PR9199.3.M62 S5 1989   1989
      Come Away, Come Away. Book Stacks; PR9199.3.M62 S5 1989   1989
      Getting In. Book Stacks; PR9199.3.M62 S5 1989   1989
4 additional entries  
Moore Maxine    
      NTC's Dictionary Of Latin And Greek Origins /Bob Moore And Maxine Moore. Book Stacks; PE1582.L3 M66 1997   1996
Moore Maxine 1927    
      That Lonely Game : Melville, Mardi, And The Almanac /Maxine Moore ; With A Foreword By Hennig Cohen. Book Stacks; PS2384.M33 M66   1975
Moore Megan K    
      Research Methods In Human Skeletal Biology /[Electronic Resource] / Edited By Elizabeth DiGangi, Megan Moore. Internet; GN69.8 .R474 2012eb   c2013
Moore Melba  
      Hair Let The Sun Shine In /[Videorecording] : INA, Blinding Light, Inc., And ARTE France Present ; A Film By Pola Rappaport And Main Desk; DVD 4868   2008
      Hair (Motion Picture) Main Desk; DVD 2884   c1999
      Lost In The Stars /[Videorecording] / American Film Theatre. Main Desk; DVD 632   2003
      Purlie. /Selections. Main Desk; D803   1989?
Moore Melinda  
      AIDS Education : Reaching Diverse Populations /edited By Melinda K. Moore And Martin L. Forst. Book Stacks; RA644.A25 A3593 1996   1996
      Infectious Disease And National Security: Strategic Information Needs /[Electronic Resource] / Gary Cecchine, Melinda Moore. Internet; RA643.5 .C42 2006eb   2006
Moore Melissa Genett Anderson 1815    
      The Story Of A Kansas Pioneer. /[Microform] / Being The Autobiography Of Melissa Genett Anderson (Mrs. Philip Marshall Moore) ; With Microforms; 576   c1924
Moore Melodie    
      The Complete Idiot's Guide To Household Solutions /[Electronic Resource] / By Melodie Moore. Internet; TX158 .M65 1998eb   1998
Moore Merritt Hadden    
      Movements Of Thought In The Nineteenth Century /[By] George H. Mead ... Edited By Merritt H. Moore ... Book Stacks; B803 .M4   1936
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